Vicar’s Letter June 2024

Flea market items illustrating earthly treasure

What would you consider a great find?  Perhaps you’re into metal detecting or going along to auctions/car boot sales in the hope of stumbling across something unique and collectable.   Many things we may see as having great worth, however, might also be someone else’s cast-offs.  I suppose the overall benefit here is that items get re-used or … Read more

Feeding the System

Money isn't spiritual wealth

…….For those of us who have read the Bible, we know that this is no surprise, for the fool continues to build on the sand, whilst those who hear and act build on solid ground…….. [to be continued] Is anyone ever satisfied today? Does anyone ever have enough? The reality is that most of us … Read more

Vicar’s Letter April ’24

Garden of Gethsemane

Does the future sometimes give you cause for concern I wonder, as we continue to see alarming reports of conflicts, disasters (man-made and natural), flooding, drought, hunger…the list goes on?  Perhaps you are understandably so engrossed in getting through the present with whatever pressing needs and challenges you may be facing that you have little time … Read more

A Sign of the Times?

Just before my father died in April 2021, we were in conversation about the state of the world when he said, ‘I/we didn’t fight in WW2 to end up with what we have ended up with in this country’.  My response was that I agreed wholeheartedly with him, and it has got worse, in my opinion. … Read more

Easter 2024

All Creatures great and small.

All things bright and beautiful All creatures great and small All things wise and wonderful The Lord God made them all – you included!   What’s the fluffiest, cutest, loveliest, smallest animal you have either owned or looked after?  Mouse, rat, gerbil, hamster, bird, newborn farm animal?  Paul and I once owned two fluffy, bright yellow baby chicks; in fact, we … Read more

Vicar’s Letter March 24

The Holy Sprit, depicted in a church window.

What’s your favourite Gift Card either to give to others or to receive yourself?  The first question I now ask before buying or spending on one is ‘what is its expiry date!’  I have been caught out too often on that front, being left with a worthless bit of plastic just because I hadn’t used it in … Read more

Vicar’s Letter Jan 24

God's guaranteed light and love, symbolised by the Sun over mountains.

I’m sure you often, like me, weigh up the value and worth of product warranties or after-purchase covers. It seems you can’t buy much these days without being offered such add-ons on anything from appliances to tech, gadgets and cars. These policies are presented as giving us added peace of mind; assurance that should the … Read more

Quiet Day 3

Quiet Day Event - Jesus the Light of the World

Last year, two very successful Quiet Day events occurred at Christ Church, Brampton Bierlow. Each event is a special time for silent prayer, meditation and reflection.  This day is about putting time aside to be with God. It is about pausing, being still, and connecting more with God and the life He offers us. We … Read more

Thorpe Hesley Brass Band

Thorpe Hesley Brass Band at All Saints Church

All had A great night on Saturday, 16th September, as the Thorpe Hesley Brass Band ran through their repertoire at All Saints Church, Wath upon Dearne. Here are some photographs to mark the occasion. Photographs courtesy of Barbara Lord. There’s often something happening at All Saints Church, especially now the school holidays are over. Please … Read more

Charity Bike Ride

LETJOGBYBIKE2020 (Lands End to John O’Groats By Bike 2020) I have decided that I am going to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats from my conservatory.  The distance is 1407 kilometres and I am going to do at least 50 kilometres a day. I shall start on May 1st so intend to complete it … Read more