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(Lands End to John O’Groats By Bike 2020)

I have decided that I am going to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats from my conservatory. 

The distance is 1407 kilometres and I am going to do at least 50 kilometres a day. I shall start on May 1st so intend to complete it before the end of the month. My intention is to raise money for the local Salvation Army who are working to provide food for local families on a daily basis. They are working together with Montgomery Hall and have seen a huge increase in demand.

A long way to go.

I also intend to raise money for the Mothers Union who are also struggling to keep things going during this crisis but are still trying to reach out to families in need.

Keep working together in love and friendship.

Geoff Fellows

How you can Contribute

I have set up a means of making a donation via Crowdfunder, so if you are feeling generous, please feel free to contribute at:



Geoff’s bike ride has been featured on Harry’s Heros in the look North TV program.

4th May
Today I cycled from Two Bridges in Dartmoor National Park, via Exeter to Cullompton, a distance of 63.7 kilometres. It took me 3 hours 5 minutes and I was actually cycling for 2 hours 35minutes.

In total I have covered 222.9 kilometres and been in the saddle for 9 hours 19 minutes.

5th May
Today I did 62.6 km and I got to Bason Bridge near Burnham-on-Sea. It took me 2hrs 31 of cycling but 2hrs 56 with coffee breaks.

My total distance so far is 285.5 kms with 11 hrs 50 in the saddle.

So far all well and lots of people saying they will sponsor me. Thanks to all of them.

6th May
Today I went from Bason Bridge to Avonmouth via Cheddar and Clevedon. I did 64 Kilometers and was on the bike for 2 hours 30 minutes. With rests, it was 2 hours 59 minutes. I upset some family and friends down there, by not calling in for a drink. I told them I waved but they ignored me!!!!  

I’ve now done 349.5 k with 1057.5 to so tomorrow I hope to get it down below 1000. All still well.

7th May
Well, today was a bit of a struggle for the first 15k. I went from Avonmouth, over the old Severn Bridge to Chepstow then on through Monmouth as far as a place called Wormelow, just south of Hereford. I did 63.4k in 2hours 33mins over a period of 3 hours 2 mins. It must have been that I was leaving England for a foreign country!!!

8th May
Today I went from Wormelow to Kempton, just south of Bishops Castle in Shropshire. For some strange reason, it seemed easier today!!

I did 64.8 kilometres in 2 hours 33 minutes on the bike but 3 hours 3 minutes with coffee breaks. I had to alter my break time to co-inside with the 2 minutes silence at 11.00 am. I’ve done just over a third in 8 days, so if I can keep it up I should do it in 24days. This is 4 days quicker than my original target.

9th May
Well, today whilst having my breakfast I felt quite tired. Perhaps it was too much celebrating VE Day, so I decided I would take it steady.

I did 64.6 k in record time!!! I went from Kempton to Wem, just north of Shrewsbury. I was 2hours 23 mins in the saddle and 2 hours 55 mins overall.

10th May
Today started badly, with a flat back tyre. I blew it up and hoped…..    it stayed up!

I did 65k in 2 hrs 26 mins. That took 2 hrs 56 mins with breaks. I went from Wem to Warrington and have just crossed the Mersey.

During the afternoon the tyre went down again so I decided to mend the puncture and at the same time change the front and back tyres, the back one being nearly worn out. I sorted the back out, but in putting the front tyre back on, I punctured that!!!! Fortunately, the front wheel only sits still!! I’ll have to sort it after tomorrows ride

11th May
Well, I had another at mending the front puncture last night… and it worked. Both tyres were fully inflated this morning when I set off from Warrington. I did 64.5k in 2 hrs 58 mins – 2 hrs 28mins in the saddle. I’m now at a place called Bilsborrow, between Preston and Garstang.

I’ve done 671.8 kilometres in total and have 735.2 to go, so tomorrow should see me cross the half-way point. All downhill from there!!!!

12th May Bilsborrow to Kendal

Today I did 64.8kilometres from Bilsborrow, through Lancaster and Carnforth to Kendal. It took me exactly 3 hours, 2 hours 30minutes of which was in the saddle.   Just about halfway through today’s ride, I passed the halfway point of my journey. That was 11.5 days and I am obviously another half a day further on. I am going to try and do the rest of the journey in 10 days so will need to spend a few more minutes each day in the saddle. Either that or get quicker!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far with the Crowdfunder site and with the money I have received at home we’re now up to £800. Let’s see if we can reach £1000.

13th May Kendal to Carlisle

Today I felt quite tired over breakfast so I decided to take it really steady and not set any time targets for every 15 or 30 minutes. I just cycled and didn’t keep looking at the computer, but made sure I didn’t get ‘push it’. I did 65k in 3hrs 4mins with breaks 2hrs 36mins in the saddle. It was almost the same overall speed as I did on day 7……. so I must be getting fitter.

Tomorrow I’m over the border to Scotland.

14th May Carlisle to Beattock

Today I did the longest ride so far, 66.8k. It took me 3 hours 4 mins with 2 hours 35 minutes in the saddle. I went through Gretna but no one offered to marry me! Having played golf yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t sure how I would feel this morning, but I think that both activities are helping each other because I was very pleased with the way I hit the ball yesterday.

I’ve now done 868.4k     539 to go.

15th May

Beattock to Lesmahagow 65.5 kilometres. It took me 2 hrs 32 mins on the bike and 3 hrs 7mins with rests. I have to admit I wasn’t all that keen on getting out of bed this morning but then decided I ought to!!!

It went surprisingly well I’ve now done 933.9 K  475 to go…

16th May Erskine Bridge to Crianlarich (top of Lock Lomond)

A good day today covering 67.5k in 3 hours 3 mins with 2 hrs 35 in the saddle. I kept trying to imagine to lovely ride all the way up the west side of Loch Lomond and perhaps the thoughts of it inspired me to go slightly quicker than yesterday but with less rest…

Cracking on!

17th May

I did 67.4k in 2hrs 36 in the saddle and 3hrs 9mins with breaks it took me over the Clyde on the Erskine Bridge.

18th May Crianlarich to North Ballachulish  66.5 kilometres.

It took me 3 hrs 10 mins with breaks, 2 hrs 40 mins in the saddle. A really slow start this morning but then after an hour, my wife’s coffee and flapjack to granddaughters recipe did the trick!!! I’ve now done 1135k with 272 to go according to my initial target of 1407. However, when looking at the map, it says it is 310 from North Ballachulish to JOG ????? I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere! The fact that I have been using different systems to measure probably accounts for the discrepancy, but I’m sure my actual distance is accurate.

19th May North Ballachulish to Invermoriston (ish) overlooking Loch Ness

68k best day yet . 2 hrs 34 mins in total.

Only 3 days to go and the donations are going up.

20th May Invermoriston to Ballcraggan 70 kilometres.

The furthest so far and also the hottest! Had all the conservatory doors and windows open trying to create a breeze. It almost worked.

I took 3 hrs 10 mins in total with 2 hrs 40mins in the saddle.

I have 133.7k to go but what I’m planning is 66.7 tomorrow and 80 on Friday. That will total 1420k which is 13k further than the original route, but means I will have definitely done it and also that I will have 50miles on the last day!!!

21st May Ballcraggon to Helmsdale

66.7K  3hrs 5 mins in total with 2hrs 33mins in the saddle. I almost enjoyed today, perhaps it’s the thought of finishing tomorrow!

In theory, it’s 67K to John O Groats but I’m going to make sure I’ve covered the distance with a big finish of 80k (50miles). There will be a celebration in the Fellows household tomorrow night… I’d better remember to do an update before I the first drink!

22nd May

Yippee, I’ve got there. Did 80k to John O Groats in exactly 3 hrs of cycling. 3 hrs 30mins with coffee stops. Gill filmed me finishing and took photographs of today’s before and after.

Thanks to everyone who has kept encouraging me, it has really helped. So has the support of the coffee and flapjack

So far over £1500 has been donated, both on the Crowdfunder site and through my letterbox at home. Seeing that total go up has also kept me going so thank you one and all.

If you would still like to donate the site will still be open until June 4th so please feel free to contribute.

I will update this with a grand total on June 5th.

May 25th update.

I’ve calculated that I spent 55 hours 38 mins in the saddle and as I covered 1420 kilometres, my average speed was 25.55 kph.

The really good news is though, the total raised currently stands at £1304 on the web site and £753 that I have received, so the total now stands at £2057.

June 3rd update.

As of 4.15 on Wednesday, the total stands at £2363 which is absolutely brilliant. However there is the possibility of increased publicity on Look North and in the advertiser, so rather than waste that opportunity, I have increased the cut off date to June 18th.

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