From time to time, we run educational courses. These aren’t so much about someone telling you what’s what but more about being asked questions that encourage and challenge you to seek the truth for yourself – the Truth that will set you free, we hope!

Are You Looking for Answers?

Life isn’t always easy.

Perhaps you are suffering from a life-changing situation. For example, a loss of health, job, relationship or bereavement. In such stressful times, you’d likely ask yourself, “How did this happen”, or, “What’s life all about?”

“How did it come to this?”

It might take an event where you are deeply challenged by something beyond your control that you look outside of normality for answers. The church offers comfort and support for people in such straits, but so much more.

On the other hand, perhaps you have come to a time of life where you have enough time to think and wish to take stock of what direction you are going in. You may merely wish to dip your toes, so to speak, and see if there is anything for you in Jesus’ message.

Here in South Yorkshire, we regularly run enquirers’ courses that help clarify all kinds of questions and how to look for answers. You would find lots of common-sense thinking along with everyday language, making it easier to get to grips with what irks you.

If you’d like to begin searching for meaningful truth, please contact our vicar to find out more or to enrol. These courses are free to any adults and are provided in an informal setting. So, why wait? Check out what’s available and have a go. You’ve nothing to lose apart from your unanswered questions!

6 Part Enquirers’ Course