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We rely on the generosity of our local community in order to keep our churches financially afloat, and all donations are greatly appreciated.

You can make an instant gift via PayPal below or use the Parish Giving Scheme to make regular contributions to support our mission.

How to Donate using PayPal

PayPal’s facilities allow you to choose how much you wish to donate and whether to contribute via your PayPal account or bank card.

  • Click the “Donate” button below, it will open another screen
  • Enter the amount; e.g. typing 1000 will show as 10.00
  • Either click “Donate” to use your PayPal account, or if you wish to use your bank card, click the button below that one.

Gift Aid

After making your donation, you will be automatically directed to a gift aid declaration form. If you read the advice there and complete this form, it will allow us to receive an extra 25% from HMRC at no extra cost to you. 


Should you need to speak to someone about donating, please get in touch with our giving director:

Mike Underwood 07846 960313 

Thank You