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Last year, two very successful Quiet Day events occurred at Christ Church, Brampton Bierlow. Each event is a special time for silent prayer, meditation and reflection. 

This day is about putting time aside to be with God. It is about pausing, being still, and connecting more with God and the life He offers us.

We aim to attune ourselves to the still, quiet voice and take this with us going forward to help us be grounded in the knowledge of His Grace and Love.

Jesus, the Light of the World

It is widely known that humans flourish in the right environment, as does every other living thing. Love is an obvious need. For example, all of us need and want to live in love.

However, we also need to know the Truth. Furthermore, it is God’s divine, uncreated Light that shows us the Truth and, therefore, the Way to everlasting Life.

“In Christ’s light, we see God as He is, we see ourselves as we are, and we see life as it is.”

“Jesus, the Light of the World” is the theme for the third Quiet Day. 

Date and time:
Saturday, 27th January 2024.Starts at: 10 am.
Ends at: 2 pm.

Christ Church
Melton High Street
Wath upon Dearne
S63 6AN

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If you can attend, please try to be here just before 10 am to give yourself time to park. It’s a good idea if you don’t miss the check-in and introduction.

We aim to finish no later than 2 pm. However, since attendance is flexible, please don’t feel compelled to stay until the end. 

We will be serving complimentary hot drinks and biscuits, but it’s a good idea to bring a packed lunch if you intend to stay until 2 pm.

Things People Said

Here are a few comments we received from the previous Quiet Day events, posted gratefully with permission.

“I loved the church building, the fellowship and the content.”

“I received a personal insight and a sense of enduring peace.”

“It was so good to be still and quiet and listen to the Lord.”

“I enjoyed today very much. I didn’t realise how it had affected me till I left. I felt a reassuring quietness and inner peace.”

Join Us

It would be great if you could join us at Christ Church on the 27th, so just turn up if you like. On the other hand, it would be helpful if you could let us know you’re coming.

Please contact one of the two people below if you have any questions or wish to tell us you’ll come along.

Andrea Burton 07771 871966

Mike Underwood 07846 960313

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