Thoughts 19th Dec

Ecclesiastes Ch 3    …..a time to be born and a time to die……..

This verse from Ecclesiastes is probably the best-known verse from the whole book.  It bookends life, but then in subsequent verses, it goes on to mention the many other elements of life.

It recognises that there is a time for everything, and towards the end of the chapter it talks of God testing and judging humans.  Yes, ultimately there will be a time for judgment when God weighs up our lives, our actions, our words, and what we have done with the gifts and talents he has given to us.  Your initial thought might be, ‘what gifts and talents do I have?’  Well I cannot answer that, but all I do know is that we all have them, some peoples are clear to all, whilst others are less apparent

I wonder have you ever taken the time to ask God what your gift is or what talents you might have? Even starting to get an idea of what they might be will not only enrich you, but the whole of the Christian community you are part of. 

Dear Lord Jesus, make me aware of the gifts and talents that you have given to me and help me to use them for your glory and the blessing of your Church.    


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