Thoughts 26th June

Psalm 111 verse 5    ‘He remembers His covenant for ever.’

This is the God we serve, who is Holy, trustworthy and pure.  This verse gives us such reassurance; that the new and living way – the New Covenant – to the Father, enabled by the Son, is sure and steadfast.  As this verse says, it is …’for ever’.  It is an eternal covenant and God’s Holy Word testifies that …’He remembers’ it for eternity.  Verse 9 in the psalm again emphasises this fact …’He ordained His covenant for ever’.  Better than a friend’s promise; better than a legal document; better than an inscription on a memorial or plaque.  This covenant demonstrates the vast compassionate love God has for each of us.  And it has been sealed and made possible by the precious life of the Son, given on the Cross for us all.  Hallelujah.

Lord, we pray for all planning weddings in the coming months especially here in Wath Church.  We pray that they may come to know your covenant love for themselves.


Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

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